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Individual Therapy

Do you have problems with depression, stress, excessive worries, repeating negative behaviors, and trouble relating to others?

I have extensive experience treating these problems and I have seen numerous individuals who struggle with fear, low self-esteem, procrastination, grief and loss. Some of the individuals I have worked with have difficulty setting boundaries with others, finding work/life balance, and coping with life in general.

My theoretical framework is CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) which involves addressing unhealthy negative thinking patterns and Psychodynamic therapy which involves identifying how the past affects present life. I offer an active therapeutic approach to examining problems, where the client is supported in venting, increasing self-awareness, and changing behaviors for personal growth. Active approach includes homework assignments which are encouraged to help you reach your goals for therapy, and to increase healthy coping strategies. I recommend meditation and deep breathing exercises for stress and anxiety symptoms; reading materials, and on occasion cinematherapy (use of film to express emotion). I prefer to work with clients collaboratively to accomplish therapeutic goals. 

Elicia M. Seay, Ph.D., LLC

5250 Cherokee Avenue

Suite 410

Alexandria, Va. 22312

(703) 354-1144

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