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Couples Therapy

Relationships can be complex. You enter them with great hopes and expectations, feelings of enjoyment and happiness. Later, you may find yourself feeling unhappy, dismal, and confused, not knowing what happened. This is a common experience, and it is a point where many seek counseling to help their relationships.

Finding support and assistance with the process of improving your relationship is a positive step in changing the course of your relationship. Couples counseling can be a safe place to explore how to redirect your relationship as you consider doing things differently with your partner whether you feel like the relationship is in crisis or could use some maintenance.

My approach to couples counseling is to conduct a thorough evaluation of your relationship and current problems. Collectively, we will establish goals for our work together. Homework assignments are an essential part of couples work so that you are challenged to utilize more effective behavior and communication with one another. I generally offer relationship information and exercises for practice to interrupt the ineffective, and often maladaptive way you have been interacting with one another.​

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss working on your relationship.

Elicia M. Seay, Ph.D., LLC

5250 Cherokee Avenue

Suite 410

Alexandria, Va. 22312

(703) 354-1144

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